Capitán Diente de Sable


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Deadly jungle lord Maga Kahn and his evil Queen, Sirima, have at last got their hands on the Magic Diamond. Rumour has it that come full moon, the stone can fulfill wishes. Maga Kahn’s dream is to be able to stay out in the sun so that he can venture out of the dark jungle, but before moonlight can fall upon the diamond, it is stolen by a young lad, Marco. A furious Maga Kahn despatches his monkey soldiers into the jungle to hunt Marco down. The Magic Diamond must be recovered, no matter what the cost!

Pinky, meanwhile, has settled down in the quiet village of Luna Bay, and is living a carefree life, while Veronica is bored and dreams of adventure. Adventure comes to her from an unexpected quarter when Captain Sabertooth and his most trusted men show up. Soon Pinky and Veronica find themselves on board The Dark Lady, and involved in a manic race to find the Magic Diamond.