El Valle de los Caballeros


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It’s Snow Day in the Valley of Knights, a mystical world where the age of chivalry has never ended. Young Queen Eiril makes snow with a magic glove to give the kingdom a White Christmas. The only one who isn’t happy is her embittered uncle Snerk. When Mould, a girl who admires his evil ways, finds three pieces of armor, he recognizes their magic powers. At last he can take control of the Valley of Knights! But the fourth piece of the suit of armor is the queen’s magic glove. Determined to get unlimited power, he sets out to chase Eiril for the missing piece…

Meanwhile in a present-day small town, 10-year old Mira tries her best to prepare for Christmas while her parents are struggling to make ends meet. Her brother Kevin, who once found the secret passage to the Valley of Knights, spends endless hours on the computer, desperately trying to find a way back to the magical kingdom – and above all to his beloved Eiril. When Eiril is found lying unconscious in the mountains, Mira and Kevin are horrified, but at least they have a clue where to look for the secret passage – and they succeed! Despite Kevin’s warnings, Mira follows her brother head over heels into an adventure through both worlds. They get caught by Snerk and his knights, they are betrayed by Mould, but they are far from beaten. After a daring escape from the castle guards, a gripping chase in an ambulance and a last-minute rescue from a burning house, the queen is captured and all seems lost, but just then Mira surprises everyone…