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Albert is a smart and cheeky small-town boy who is dreaded for his pranks and misfortunes all around town. When he accidentally destroys the statue of the local hero, famous hot-air-balloon captain Leopoldus, he is determined to make up for his mistake. He himself will venture into the world and come back as a hot-air-balloon captain! How proud everybody will be!

For a crazy adventure like this, it is important to have a good pal by one’s side.  And if he doesn’t want to come, you have no choice but to kidnap him – at least that’s what Albert thinks when his best friend Egon tells him he has other plans. Before too long, a very upset Egon finds himself next to Albert sailing down the river in an old barrel, on their way to a mysterious far-away country.

A confusingly exotic gypsy market, a mean bandit taking advantage of the clueless boys to help him steal the world’s biggest diamond, the police hard on their heels –  to face all of these challenges, it is vital for Albert and Egon to join forces and be best friends again. Luckily, they find a loyal friend in charming Jamilla who knows her way around in the strange country. And in the darkest moment when the boys are locked up in jail, luck is on their side in the shape of famous hot-air-balloon captain Leopoldus himself, so that Albert can finally reach his goal against all odds.